Why you need to check your website speed!

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Slow website speed is terrible for your business, not only does it cost you huge potential earnings but can also give customers a negative view of your brand as a whole.

47% of users expect your site to be loaded within 2 seconds. Does yours? Head over to https://tools.pingdom.com and test your website speed. 

Keep reading to see the huge impacts that shaving just a few milliseconds off your loading speed can have!

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How you are losing customers

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If it takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of people will leave your website completely.

Let’s imagine you own a small business and your website gets 1000 visitors every month. If your site is slow to load you will be losing 4800 of those visitors every year! Imagine if you had a conversion rate of 1% of your visitors making a purchase and an average sale amount of £10…, those 4800 lost users are costing you a potential £4800 every year.

Now imagine if you had a larger business with 10,000 monthly visitors, with the same sales conversion and average sales amount. You would be losing out on £48,000 every year!

79% of customers said they would be less likely to be a return customer to your business if your website’s performance was not satisfactory

A study has shown that slow websites often lead to people abandoning their online shopping cart and not finishing the transaction. “a 2-second delay in load time during a transaction resulted in abandonment rates of up to 87%.”

Every millisecond counts!

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In 2016 The Trainline reduced their website loading speed by a tiny 0.3 seconds, which increased their revenue by £8 million per year. This shows how such a small change can make a huge difference. Now imagine how much revenue they would lose, if their site was loading a second slower!

Faster sites lead to happier users

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Happier users are more likely to spend money with you and recommend you to their friends. If you were searching to buy a new item online and found it on an online store – the site looked great and had good reviews but every time you tried to look at an item, each page took 5 seconds to load –  how likely would you be to make a purchase? I image very unlikely! People lose trust with slow loading sites and don’t want to have to wait for long to get the content they are looking for, especially when they can just click onto the next site. If that site loads faster you are much more likely to buy from them.

Better ranking

Google will rank faster sites quicker. Google have said that if your site takes more than 2 seconds to load, it may limit or slow how they crawl your site. This can negatively impact your SEO ranking. 


How to speed up your site

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Optimise images –  Very often when we resign a website, the old website loads very slowly, this is very often down to the old website having huge images uploaded to it. Make sure your website has properly optimised images and they aren’t too large for the requirements! 

Web Hosting – Cheap very often means slow when it comes to web hosting, and as you have seen above, slow=loss of revenue. So spending a few extra pounds per month on hosting can return a much larger % for your business!

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If you want more help in speeding up your site we can help…

We can completely rebuild your previous site to make a new super fast site, or optimise certain elements of your current site to increase the page loading speeds. If you want to know more just get in touch below.