Our Work


We specialise in shooting promotional videos for companies to allow them to meet their goals. We have a proven track record in increasing sales, bookings and contact for companies. We cover all aspects of the video from planning, filming and professional studio voiceovers.


We have Permission for Commercial Operation from the CAA, which show we are qualified, safe and insured to do aerial filming. Aerial footage can add a new dimension to your videos. We use Aerial Cinematography in multiple shoots, from business promo videos to real estate shoots.


We create dynamic interviews, including multiple angles, behind the scenes shots and high quality audio immerse the viewer in the video.


We shoot various short documentary films. Ranging from documenting a persons journey to documenting a business, its growth and development. Ideal for using on social media and your website to showcase your company and its background, enabling you to portray more information than a short advert or promo video.


We shoot various short adverts designed to pack the most information into a short video and help promote your products and services. This can be specified to a certain length for certain use to ensure optimal return on investment.

Marketing & Product

We produce engaging and information packed marketing and product videos which help to show off the features and specs of your product or business. This includes on screen informational graphics and high quality product footage either on a plain background or in a suitable environment.
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We help you with video distribution to enable your video to maximise its return!

Research shows that…

Websites with video are 


more likely to reach the first page of google than those without

Video will make up


of all internet traffic by 2019

Videos make shoppers


more likely to make a purchase after watching

Of people who use the Internet,


frequently watch videos


Better SEO

Google owns youtube and invests heavily in video content. Google score websites very highly that feature videos on them, allowing you to gain an advantage over your competitors without having to spend tens of thousands on SEO or sponsored links. YouTube videos also turn up on search results, which is why we embed your videos onto your site through youtube so you have a high chance of being found by customers.

Better Visitor Engagement 

The honest truth is that people browsing the web are often very selective. Watching and listening to a well produced video is much more engaging than sitting and reading pages of text. Lets be honest we all get lazy when browsing websites and want the information to come to us. Most people remember visual or audio information much better than information they read

Easier to communicate

Video is an excellent method of communicating with your potential customers, as complexed messages are very hard to portray using only words and static images. Videos immediately bring your message to life and allow your audience to take in more information in a relatable way in which they are more likely to remember details.

More Shares

Lets be honest when was the last time you shared an article on social media. Now think of the last time you shared a video. If people see your videos and like them they are likely to share them on social media. This drives lots of traffic to your social media profiles and also your website. Businesses have grown hugely from the result of viral social media videos.

Return Visitors

One of the best things about using video on your website is return visitors and increased duration on a web page. Visitors often return to websites that feature videos and once there will remain there longer that a standard text and image based page. Its simple, the longer a user is on your site the more likely they are to do business with you!

Large Reach for Low cost

Video marketing can be an amazing way to reach thousands of people within a short time for little or no advertising cost. Videos can go viral and reach millions of people within a very short amount of time and the best part is you aren't paying for people to distribute the video, they are doing so because they like it! Imagine the benefits to your business if thousands or millions of people are seeing your branding, products and services!