At DS Media we offer a wide range of photographic services to fit your exact needs. 

We shoot with multiple professional cameras to allow a range of coverage.

We can provide photography for your website, social media and all of your marketing needs. 

From headshots to products, events to corporate photo shoots and much more. 

We also offer aerial photography and have full PfCO from the CAA to allow us to operate commercial drones. 

Feel free to let us know your requirements and we will make sure we cover these for you!

Canon EOS 1DX mkii


We can do a range of product shots from studio to location images of all types of products. Ideal for website use and promotional purposes.


We can shoot a huge range of editorial images perfect for using in promotional campaigns and adverts. We work to your exact needs.​


We shoot headshots for your website, linkedin, social media and more. Let you customers know you to get a personal feel into your business.​


We hold a PfCO from the CAA to shoot commercial aerial images. This can be anything from event coverage to real estate and everything in between.​


We do various location shoots, from shooting business premises for marketing use, to covering a behind the scene look into your business and its day to day activities.​


We cover a large variety of events from dinners and balls, to promotional events and product launches. We can offer a variety of style shoots from candids to official portraits.

Benefits of Great Original Photography.


People who see stock images images on a site may feel like you are trying to hide or cover something using stock images. When you have original photos, the viewer feels a level of trust towards you and thinks of you as a reputable brand. 


Well photographed products look more appealing. Studies have shown that original photography converts to sales 45% more than stock photos. So investing in some top quality unique photos pays in the long run!


Be an individual in a world full of stock photos. Studies have shown that when viewing stock images online, viewers browse your site and don’t engage with it. Viewers are much more engaged when viewing original imagery specific to your business, which leads to higher customer sales and retention.


In a photoshoot you may get 100 photos that you can then use on your website, social media and marketing material. You will potentially have enough photos from one shoot to update all the images on your website, create hundreds of social media posts and make many different posters, leaflets, menus etc. One photo shoot can be extremely cost effective and the images are likely to last a very long time. 


Using good images can help you increase your brand exposure. Adding these to your social media profiles, adding images to your google business listing and having lots of quality images on your website can be a great way to develop your online presence. Google and other search engines love images along side text so make the most of this to help you get onto the first few pages of a search!


The simple fact is that images are more effective than text alone. People retain 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read with the average person only reading 20% of your webpage. Research has shown that tweets with images are 94% more likely to be retweeted than text alone!